Useful Tools

Here are some tools for windows that I found useful:

  • dd for Windows
  • rawwrite for Windows: A useful tool for creating boot disks and floppy images.
  • Folder2Iso: Cool tool to create a ISO from a folder. A very useful tool when you need to upload some files to a Virtual Machine. Create an ISO and connect using the VM Console.
  • A free TFTP server
  • If you write scripts you will surely find Winmerge useful. If provides a nice graphical view of differences between two files.
  • Bitbucket: I use a free bitbucket account source control of my documents and scripts. The best deal is you get to create private repositories with a free account.
  • Git: And for version control I use Git. If you plan to use “Git on Windows” you can try the free msysgit. I use it for source control of my PowerShell/PowerCLI scripts on  bitbucket.
  • Richcopy is a multithreaded file copy tool from an Engineer at Microsoft.
  • Then there are the usual suspects Putty an SSH client on Windows & WinSCP an SCP client on windows.
  • Two interesting tools to manage multiple RDP sessions are RDCMan & Multi Remote Desktop Client
  • MarkdownPad, an awesome editor for creating Markdown documents
  • XML Notepad always a useful tool
  • Ever dependent SciTE Text Editor (for Windows). It based on the Scintilla project.
  • Replace Notepad with a better Notepad2
  • The indespensable 7-zip
  • Mount an ISO as a virtual CD using WinCDEmu
  • ImgBurn: A very good ISO burning tools
  • A free sync toy from Microsoft, useful for keeping a pair of folders say one on a USB stick and one in your hard drive always synced

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