Configure network interface using nmtui

In my previous post, I wrote about how the network interface within a CentOS 7 environment can be configured to automatically get activated at boot up. In that post we discussed the command line tool

 ifup ens160 

and later edited the file


We can also achieve the same behaviour using the network manager text user interface also called as the nmtui.

  1. Start the nmtui wizard
  2. select the Edit a Connection Option
  3.  Select the appropriate connection (network adapter) and then select edit
  4. On the edit screen use the select the Automatically connect checkbox and then select OK
  5. In case you want to temporarily deactivate (bring down) the network adapter (connection) use the Activate a connection option from the main screen.

The network manager TUI is an user interactive tool whereas there is also a non-interactive tool to achieve the same. The tool is called as:


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