vSphere Datastore Report

I needed to generate a Datastore report. All the information I was interested in was available in via the Get-Datastore cmdlet, however it was nested deep. Hence churned up a quicky PowerCLI oneliner:

Get-Datastore `
    | Select-Object -ExpandProperty ExtensionData `
    | Select-Object `
        @{Name="Name"; Expression={$_.Name}},`
        @{Name="CanonicalName"; Expression={$_.Info.Vmfs.Extent.DiskName}},`
        @{Name="CapacityGB"; Expression={[int]($_.Summary.Capacity/1GB)}},`
        @{Name="FreeGB"; Expression={[int]($_.Summary.FreeSpace/1GB)}},`
        @{Name="ProvisionedGB";Expression={[int](($_.Summary.Capacity - $_.Summary.FreeSpace + $_.Summary.Uncommitted)/1GB)}},`
        @{Name="Moref"; Expression={$_.MoRef}} `
    | ft

In case you are interested in the details of a specific datastore, you can filter the output from the previous oneliner, using the Where-Object cmdlet.


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