vSphere Update Manager Basics

What is a Baseline?
A baseline is a group of Patches

What is a Baseline Group?
A baseline group is a group of baselines

Types of Baselines?

  • Fixed: Fixed tells update manager to apply and check for compliance only against the selected patches.
  • Dynamic: Dynamic baselines are based on a criteria. These baselines get automatically updated wherever the vendor (VMware in this case) releases a patch as per the selected criteria in the baseline. One can explicitly include or exclude patches from a dynamic baseline.

Quick and dirty steps for ESXi patching via Update Manager

  1. Create a Baseline
  2. Attach a Baseline to Inventory Object
    Preferably attach the baseline to a container object (e.g. DC/Folder/Cluster) instead of a leaf node (i.e. Host). The advantage is that when you add new hosts to the container object you don’t need to configure or check for compliance seperately for the new object. It gets done as per your previously configured baseline policy.
  3. Scan for Compliance
  4. Stage Patches on host
    Staging patches is essentially uploading of patches to your ESXi host. Staging allows you reduce your maintenance window during applying of patching and upgrading.
  5. Remediate the host

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