using Intel DH55TC for your whitebox ESX server

I was going through some of the new available boards from Intel, and one board that caught my eye was the Intel-DH55TC. This board supports a LGA1156 socket which supports Clarkdale and Lynnfield processors.

The on board NIC card is Intel-82578DC based Gigabit ethernet card. Although this is not on the HCL of VMware, I am sure it can be made to work with vSphere-4.x as documented here.

Some additional good things about this board:

  1. Supports upto 16GB RAM
  2. Since it supports Clarkdale CPUs, I am guessing it would also support Extended Page Tables, though I didnot see a bios setting for the same.
  3. Although Intel’s support page states that this board does not support DirectIO, when I checked the bios a couple of weeks back, I did see a DirectIO setting. With a supported Processor, DirectIO should also work.

I think this board with core i5 combination, is a good fit for folks trying to build a whitebox on a tight budget. The board is available in India at very good price points.


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