Login as root on vMA

I was reading through some of the blog posts on the internet that document how to enable the root account on the vMA appliance. It is important to remember that the root account has been intentionally disabled to enhance security on the vMA appliance.

However, although not recommended, sometimes you may want to login to the vMA appliance as root. Here a quick way to login as root without actually enabling the root user account:

    (_) Login to vMA appliance as ‘vi-admin’
    (_) Now as vi-admin elevate privileges using ‘sudo’ to login as root. Here is the command to do just that:

    sudo su - -s /bin/bash

TIP: You can create an alias for this command:

alias 'suroot=sudo su - -s /bin/bash'

End Result: You have not reduced the security of your appliance but now you can still login as root.


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