Nook is cool, A platform with many uses!

Yesterday I got my nook. It came with the latest firmware update 1.4.1 with a serial number starting in the series #1003.
Overall I am very happy with my nook. Although I was pondering buying an iPAD instead of a nook, however I didn’t need many of the additional features of an iPAD. Also the price points and eInk display sealed the issue in favor of nook. I bought mine with a Sinclair leather cover at a total cost of US $180. 🙂

The nook’s eInk display size is about 3.5″ x 4.7″. I bought the WiFi version without 3g. Other than the ebook reader, the nook comes installed with games, a web browser and a music player.  Based on the earlier nook reviews that I read/watched, its seems the touch pad responsiveness has improved.

Although I am not complaining, some of my requests for enhancements would be:

  • A notes application, something similar to a notepad to create and read plain old text files.
  • The nook while reading ebooks allows you to do word look-ups. However a dedicated word dictionary which can be accessed and updated independently would have been great.
  • A built in RSS reader, makes it so much easy to read my news feeds
  • I want my my mail – a lite imap mail client
  • The present contacts application sucks needs to be enhanced
  • A word game such as scrabble, while traveling its easy for 2 people to have some fun together
  • Needs better security such as password based lock or something, to protect my data from prying eyes

I would love my nook to be beyond just an ebook reader and also satisfy some of my digital diary requirements. Yeah I know I am expecting too much from my plain ereader, but hye, the nook comes with some decent amount of juice. It has ~256MB of RAM & a 600Mhz Samsung processor, and comes with Android 1.5. You can find the exact hardware specs here.

Barnes & Noble have been releasing regular updates for the nook and its to there credit that they have added a few new features since the first release. Even if BN decides to charge for newer updates with additional features, I am sure a lot of people would like to upgrade.

Cheers. Thats all for now.


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